VELSAA VITRIFIED LLP is in the dynamic sector of polished glazed vitrified tiles, where it is providing the wide range of digitally printed products in the different type of finishes such as high gloss, polished matt, polished glossy and in various sizes like 60x60, 60x120, 80x80,30x60, & 20x120 cm which fits in the customers modern tiling requirement, the company is using modern technology, design, and materials from the reputed companies like torrecid, vidres etc.

VELSAA VITRIFIED LLP is a leading player in the ceramic & vitrified tiles sector. The company is located in center of top international ceramic tiles manufacturing hub for the creation of state of the art, high-end polished glazed vitrified tiles. Its mission is to provide covering solutions suitable for every destination use, ensuring modern and aesthetic appeal that is in line with market needs.

VELSAA is promoted by the pioneers of the ceramic tile industries. Promoter are mix up of more than two decade experienced industry stalwarts and enthusiastic, energetic & young engineers who want to carve the new path in the tile industry. It is synonymous with Quality, Strength, Ethics, Reliability, and Innovation.

VELSAA`s have it`s owned driving force which is includes its own promoter, Employee, Dealers, Distributors and people, are working every day with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm and people, are working every day with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm to provide the best product to its end-users. These team of hard working entrepreneurs are always striving to give their best.


That which is unique is always rare and special, so is with the finesse of Velsaa Vitrifid. Velsaa is synonymous with excellent quality tiles that define the beauty of a well tiled space. One of the largest manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tiles, and glazed vitrified tiles Velsaa is famous for adding that sense of grandeur and splendor through sheer product quality.

Since more than two decades Velsaa Vitrified is renowned for the production of tiles that provide finesse, style and quality. Our supreme quality is a result of leading edge 21st century production process that includes high end machinery, quality control process, research and development as well as automation.


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Our Vision

To thrill our customers with great design and value proposition driven by continuous improvements in tile creativity, innovation, efficiency and customer service.

Our Missions

Understand more successfully the needs of the consumer and the market ambience through ethical business management, taking into consideration the consumer's interests

Quality Assurance

Work to achieve the highest possible quality and safety standards and the lowest possible environmental impact. Provide innovative solutions to add value.

Our Story