Velsaa Vitrified Dispatch Centre is located about 184 kms from Mundra port,the largest port in India.Well connected, the port is easily accessible by road and its geographical proximity and easy connectivity ensure minimum time lag for a shipment. The port of Mundra is frequented by all major shipping lines and provides flexibility in choice of lines that can be used to send shipments across the world without any obstacles as well as on time.

Tile Size Thickness(Approx) PCS / Per Box Coverage Area In Sq. Mtr Box Weight (Approx)
600 X 1200 MM 10.30 2 1.44 32 KG
800 X 800 MM 10.75 3 1.92 48 KG
600 X 600 MM 10.75 4 1.44 28 KG
Product Size Tiles (Per Box) Thickness (Approx) Weight per Box (Approx)
STRIPES 1200 X 200 MM 6 PCS 11 MM 34.00 KG

Note :-

Colours Shown Are As Accurate As The Limitations Of The Printing Process Will Allow Prospective Customers Are Advised To Inspect A Sample Ofthe Tile Before Ordering. Every Effort Has Been Made To Ensure The Accuracy Of The Information Given. However The Company Reserves The Right To Change The Specifictions Without Prior Notice.