We’ve been worshippers of the art of ceramic for 5 years now. Successfully running the business and bringing innovation through varied forms of creativity is what keeps us going.

It’s All About


Quality is of utmost importance to us; we believe in giving only the best to our clients and never compromise on the quality of our products and services. Customers trust a brand that never compromises on the quality of the products they use and the services they provide. We want to be innovators, pioneers, game-changers, stimulated by endless possibilities. Simultaneously, creating a freethinking environment where curiosity and debate are celebrated and the boundaries of technology and customers service are pushed beyond expectations.

It’s All About 


Precise cutting edge technology is incorporated in order to come up with concepts that are excellent, brilliant and at par with need of the hour. They convey a sense of majesty and fineness. We plan to revolutionize the graph of our growth by bring in concepts that are one of a kind.

Value of

Staunch believers in uncompromising commitment towards quality and clarity for all of our esteemed clients. Work ethics, professionalism, and teamwork come naturally to us in the light of constant improvements and highest standard of quality we aim at providing.

Innovation in Our 


Innovation truly generates itself from our roots; it drives the success of business. We tend to encourage growth mind-set amongst all of our employees so that they can work towards achieving both their personal and professional goals.


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We’ve been at the constant service of our customers for more than 9+ years now.


Quality is of utmost importance to us and we provide our customers with only the best quality.


Designing concepts that make a mark on everyone’s mind and are a portrayal of our exclusivity and superiority.

In Perfact Tandem

Creativity & 


Creativity is the nature of creating something new, a new idea, concept or method. Innovation is using creativity to enhance performance of a process, person, team or organization. Creativity is a pursuit to achieve and come up with a solution that pleases a mind aesthetically and is a sense of satisfaction. Innovation is a continuous process of learning while doing it; one might never know what invigorates a mind to get stacked upon.

Our 3 



We are a company that always looks towards the future, both in our processes and in our technology, corporate culture and our way of understanding the industry.


Our creative process is based on a keen sense of our surroundings and on an understanding of the latest trends. Thanks to this, we create products that inspire and develop the potential of other projects.


We cannot conceive of our business without direct contact with our clients. However, we always go one step further. We connect with companies and talents from any discipline.

A space for 

new ideas.

At Velsaa, we have been working upon developing a climate of innovation and growth from the ground up. We brainstorm on the Agenda while simultaneously working on tracking ideas as they arise. We have also taken a step towards embracing diverse opinions at our workspace. We firmly stand by the phrase that diversity drives innovation.

Velsaa is a group of creators that contribute to the development of architectural projects, interior, and general design with inspiring tools and brand experience that transcends our products.

Commitment to 

our employee

Thanks to significant investments in facilities and equipment, we offer stable, quality and ongoing employment. We constantly expand our team in the context of our growth as a company and, as a result of our openness to the future, create job profiles that have never existed before.

Our employment policy is formed in line with our Strategic Plan, where our fundamental committment to growth is based on respect for the values and culture of the Velsaa Group: ethics, professionalism and team work.

We continuously work towards the satisfaction of all our employees, through training, professional development, conciliation measures, life and workplace insurance, job stability, medical examinations and a hand of friendship at special moments (the birth of children etc).

Wide selection

Total of 1500+ designs enable customers to choose from wide range.

Competitivity & innovation

The company has three strategically located factories with the most advanced technology.

International presence

Exportation to more than 40+ countries.


With a management system based on ISO 9001, it is aimed at continuous improvement in all areas to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.



In the month of April and year 2016 we lay down the first brick toward building the foundation Velsaa


We received our first ever commercial invoice in April 2017 and started manufacturing our products at the unit.


The following year in the month of May, we started manufacturing tiles in the size of 60x120 mm.


Jumping to the ongoing year of 2021, in the month of June we enhanced our manufacturing capacity to 2 times and introduced sizes 60x60, 60x120, 60x90 in the 2CM range.


In the month of March 2021, we successfully introduced the series MAGNUS - an exclusive high-end luxury range by Velsaa.


Today, we take pride in saying that we were able to make sales worth $7.5 million in our initial year. Whereas today, we have almost doubled up those sales to $11.5 million.




Culture & People

Direct contact between our sales team with the client is one of the hallmarks that makes grow to Velsaa Ceramic trademark.


Revenue & Growth

The benefits of such investment in the company reverses in the growth of it.



Experience & Perfomance

More than a decade dedicated to the ceramic industry remarks that our company is well prepared for present and future challenges.


Cost & Margins

A fair pricing policy has made that high credibility of the company provides a customer loyalty.